Thursday, August 28, 2008

Camping fun!

Last week our family headed all the way to Zeeland for our first camping expedition! We had so much fun with our friends and there are many pictures to prove it! Our girls were fantastic and I think Abby is hooked (as are we)! We are so blessed to have such an awesome group of friends! Thanks for the laughs and the memories! Enjoy the pictures!

Abby and Ellie hanging out before bed!

Ryan and Abby fishing! They actually caught quite a bit! Hot dogs and corn were on the menu for the little blue gill.

Dan kayaking...

Dan and Ellie showing off their prize catch!

Mark, seriously? You fell in the pond!?!

Abby in her "get up"... we weren't taking any chances!

Crashed on her bed after a long hard day of swimming, riding bikes, and sidewalk chalk!

This face tells me that Lily likes camping too!

Joley and her GOGGLES!

This is how I found the girls the first morning... Abby decided she needed to snuggle with Lily in the pack n play.

Lyndsey and Max snuggling by the fire!

Friday, August 15, 2008


After hitting the dusty trail for the afternoon, I guess Buns realized he had the cats ass here at the Haber's house afterall. The girls and I went out in the afternoon to "canvas" the neighborhood, we knocked on doors, handed out flyers, put up signs, talked to neighbors we had never met, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. In my heart of hearts I thought for sure I would see Buns dead on the side of the road someday. But while the girls and I were gone last night, Ryan discovered him "just chilling" on the back patio.... Happy to be home!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stephanie's Thursday TO DO LIST

1) Find Abby's missing bunny, named Buns! We let her/him out this morning to "hop" around and he/she made a criminal like escape from the yard. Abby is taking a nap and I better find this thing FAST or I am dead meat! Prayers for a Bun's speedy return!

Fiber 1...

I am a BIG fan of the Fiber 1 granola bars that are on the market. Not only are they good for you, but they are recommended by Oprah's dietitian/trainer Bob Green... yeah like that means anything. Anywho, they taste delicious and are an easy snack while I am nursing, cleaning, or sitting on the John. Oh give me a break.. you all have done it! I was elated to find that Fiber 1 has a new cereal out now! I clipped my little coupon and got the $4 box for less than $2 and filled my bowl... It was so yummy I decided to have another helping. Yeah I know, Bob Green would say it is all about portion control, but look people I am nursing and that girl literally sucks the life out of me! While I was finishing up my second bowl I took notice of the Fiber content... 8 grams per 1 cup serving (double that of a bar)! I am sure I ate at least 2 cups! Yikes! If you know fiber like I know fiber, it is its job to "clean you out"... well, later that day while driving around like a maniac to get my errands done before I was out of fruit snacks for Abby the FIBER kicked in. Flatulence zone... BEWARE! Abby, not holding anything back started gagging and said "Mom, did you toot or did Lily have a blow out?" Poor girl! I assured her it MUST have been Lily. And she responded with her hand over her nose, "Mommy you tooted a big one like daddy!" BUSTED big time.
While I was excited about my stellar deal, this cereal has permanently been eliminated from my grocery list!
How sad that my life has been reduced to blogging about my gas! Toot toot!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephanie's Wednesday TO DO LIST

1.) Locate and eliminate whatever item is causing Abby's room to smell like a high school boys locker room!
2.) Fish blueberries out from under the couch.
3.) Bathe Lily so she will not smell like a dairy farmer.
4.) Comb through Abby's hair.... EEEK! (This could take ALL day)
5.) Finish shaving my other leg. (I was in process this morning when I was summons by the toddler)
6.) Do dinner dishes from 2 nights ago.
7.) Wash, dry, AND put away laundry.
8.) Clean out long lost sippy cup with milk chunks in it.... check that is done. I just threw it in the trash!
9.) Clean dog poop off of Abby's barbie car wheel...
10.) Clean out the bunny cage...
11.) Wash Abby's car seat cover to remove the smell of pee! (did I mention I LOVE potty training!)
12.) Make sure Ryan's softball gear is clean and accessible...
13.) Find something to make for dinner, and actually make it!
14.) Get myself dressed.... if time allows I may actually brush my teeth and hair, and possibly apply some make-up!

Hope your day is productive!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hugging my girls extra tight today!

I didn't get much sleep last night... there were an array of reasons why... too hot in our bedroom, Ryan snoring, Lily waking only to babble, coo, and giggle, but mostly the heart ache for the family that just lost their little girl when she drowned in Hutchins lake. It was almost as if Lily woke up because she knew that I needed to hold her, kiss her, and be with her. It has always been taught to me (and for good reason) that when you cannot sleep, it is the Lords way of telling you that you need to pray for something.... I did that. I prayed for the Busschers, for the pain that they must be feeling. I am not sure if this is hitting me extra hard because I am a mom or because I had the realization that just weeks ago this could have so easily been a scenario that played out in our family. I am sure it is both. I try to remember that my children are on loan from the Lord. He has entrusted them to Ryan and I only for a short time. The moment can come in an instant.... So I am going to cherish the 2am feedings that have just returned, the cranky toddler that pushes me to the limit most days, the mass chaos that unfolds when I have to brush her hair, the piles of dirty clothes that accumulate because "I peed in my pants mom!" And hug my girls extra tight today! Please pray for the Busscher family.