Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Forward Fridays

Because Friday is ALWAYS my day off.... I allow the girls to pick out their clothes. Really! Whatever they want. If I have to go out and run errands, well then, they get to wear WHATEVER they pick out. This is the one day where I do not suggest, direct, or demand what articles of clothing they wear. They love it, and frankly, so do I. I have a hard enough time getting myself dressed. This takes the stress off. After the past 3 or 4 weeks, seeing the creativity (and obviously color blindness), I decided to document the interesting fashion forward outfits my little divas pick out. They typically try to pick something that is similar to the other, such as: Skirt with leggings or both with a short sleeve shirt. I love to listen to them on the monitor bustling back and forth from each others room coordinating outfits! Can you imagine when they are 14 and 16? Eeeek!

So without further ado...... drum roll please!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Where O Where Have I Been??

Last night, I had the pleasure of gathering with some of my friends! It was great, catching up on life, hearing how everyone's kids are growing. I am blessed with some great friendships. And it was there that I was put under some serious pressure to start up my blog again ANDto get started on the procreation of our third child. Since we have no itention of the latter, I better get going on this blog! :)
I have been missing in action for the same reason I started up again. The pressure.... I think it is the pressure. Of saying something grand, profound, funny or enlightening. As a full time wife and mom, part-time employee and self employed jewelery lady, there is not too much grand, profound, funny or enlightening that happens in my everyday life. As we speak, the girls are playing together so nicely, putting together a puzzle. This can change in a second. Abby already served an 8 minute time out for knocking her sister off the couch (intentionally) and then sticking her tongue out at me and waving her head back and forth like a sassy teenager you want to smack upside the head. Where does she get this?
To catch up on life since the last post over a year ago... (seriously it has been that long?)
Abby is in kindergarten at ZPS and LOVES it. Everyday she comes home and tells me something new she learned and is eager to continue the lesson at home. Every word has another that rhymes, every letter has a sound, every word needs to be spelled. She is happiest when she is learning! I love that and I hope it continues... even at 33, I drive through the campus of Hope College and dream about my college days.... ahhh, that was fun!

I was happy has a clam when Abby told me she wanted to play soccer. YES! I was gonna be a soccer mom! I was jazzed. After growing up playing soccer my entire life, I was excited for her and I to do this together! Practically every Saturday morning it was cold and rainy... Abby was not to eager to play in these conditions. But she *suffered* through all in the name of donuts and juice boxes. She's on the fence for next year... I guess we will wait and see!

She is still strong willed and tests us whenever she can. I have tried to embrace it.... one day it will be to her advantage. No boy will tell her what to do. She will not follow the crowd. SHE WILL BE INDEPENDENT! Until then, I am on my knees daily asking for the Lord's provision, guidance and grace. And I gladly receive His gifts!

Lily Grace. Where do I begin? She is at such a great age. 2 1/2. She is her father's daughter, in so many ways. She is funny, easily disciplined, lover of all things animals. She loves to read, loves to talk, loves to be silly. Nobody compares to her daddy. The sun rises and sets with him. Ryan is the one to put her to bed and every morning, she asks "Daddy home?"

She is a people pleaser. As we speak she is on an adventure to get Abby a Kleenex, because she was threatened with with a time out from Abby. I'm pretending I didn't hear the threat... Is that wrong? She is in daycare 3 days a week with a wonderful provider. Lily loves her.... I mean, really LOVES her. And I love THAT! She has made some great friends at Amy's house and I love to hear in her words (and admire her facial expressions) when she tells me about her day. She does crafts, sings songs, goes on adventures to the mall, farmers market, or to Mt. Peek-a-boo or whatever its called. Why do they pick such a weird name??? I mean really, how about Mt. Holland or Mt. Macatawa or something that I can remember? I digress.
We have been waiting patiently for some hair on Lily's head, we have been able to take the "mullet" part of her hair and put that in pigtails, but as you can see from the picture the top still needs some help. Poor girl!

I'm going to do my best to keep yall abreast of the Habers happenings.... My family is the bees knees and they deserve the spotlight.