Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flooded basement and other crisis

I am sorry I have not been dilegent in keeping up with my blog, however, I do have a good excuse or 3. The greatest excuse is that I flooded my basement... yep, not a natural disaster, but rather a woman made idoitic mistake. I was frantically sorting laundry, pulling out all items that had major poop stains on them from Lily... for those moms you know what I am talking about. The nice yellow seedy poop that seems to crust over and stain the adorable tiny newborn clothes in a matter of seconds... anyway, as I came across a Oxyclean required item I would put it in the sink (water running) and sprinkle the magic dust, then continue to sort and dropping some things in the washing machine, and more into the sink.... well, one of the kids started crying (as usual when I begin a major task) and I darted up the stairs to survey the situation. Then I decided to run errands, then I decided to make lunch, then I decided to water my flowers, then I decided to put nurse and put the kids to bed..... FOUR hours later, I went down to switch out laundry and saw that I had indeed left the water in the sink on and, yep, you guessed it... I flooded our basement. Carpet, walls, vanity, storage, laundry, EVERYTHING soaking wet. The drawers in the vanity were completely full of water.... I know you are thinking what I am thinking. "You moron! How can you forget to turn the water off?" And my response... Do you have kids? Now I have 2 HUGE dehumidifiers and 4 industrial size fans in my basement trying to dry the place out.... Oh, and I am leaving for Ohio today with my 2 small kids and no clean clothes!
On a happier note... my sister in law is getting married this weekend, and Abby is the flower girl and Ryan and I are also in the wedding. Do be advised that I am STRESSING out about Abby's role.. and for those of you that know my daughter, I am sure I will have some fun things to blog about after that! Have a great week!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Animal Whisperer

Since last year Abby has been saving for a bunny rabbit... yep, a real life bunny rabbit. See, Ryan's cousin used to watch Abby when I was working and she had bunnies, so that is how MY child got the crazy notion that we needed one. Well, after a full year of hoping she would forget, my 2 1/2 old saved up enough money (thanks to PopPop) to buy herself a bunny rabbit. We have not fully settled on a name for it, but she tossed around the name Sassy (which I suggested would be a great fit for my sassy daughter!), Oreo, or Skittles.... She even thought George might suit it.

I am fully amazed how God creates children with interest and passions at such an early age. Abby LOVES animals... any animal...... she loves to dig for worms, she spots squirrels and birds from a mile away, she is able to get our dog to "sit", "fetch", and "drop it" with such ease. And over the past few weeks Abby has even lured the neighbor cat into our yard with our black lab. The cat climbs the fence, jumps on the roof of the shed and then makes his/her landing in the grassy yard only to follow Abby around impatiently waiting for some lovin'. Now with the addition of our new bunny we can start charging admission as a full fledged petting zoo. (Friends and family are free!) Enjoy some of the pictures!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Motherhood Rocks!

While this weekend was a whirlwind of get togethers, food, family and fun to celebrate moms, I never really sat back to realize that I too, am a mom! And a mom to 2 beautiful girls. Life has taken such a drastic turn in 10 years. I remember cruising the campus of GVSU thinking that I was going to take corporate America by storm! I was going to be the briefcase wielding business woman driving the high priced convertible sports car, and evenings filled with dinners out. The woman married to a man that was good looking, funny, and full of life....Now I have traded the brief case for a diaper bag, the sports car for a mini van, the dinners out for $5 pizzas in, the husband for... Well, that part did come true! I love being a mom! I love experiencing life through my children's eyes. Corporate America can take some other woman captive, because it sure aint me! Enjoy these recent pictures of the girls! I am off to change a diaper and then play puzzles! Life is good!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Once again... like mother, like daughter...

For those of you that think 2 year olds don't pay attention to your every move. Try this one on for size!

Like mother like daughter

As many of you know, I was a soccer player (back in the day). This is a video that just makes me proud! Soon enough I will be pacing the sidelines as she dribbles down the field! Oh yeah, I am gonna be THAT soccer mom! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hit the road Jack

In my attempt to get back into shape after birthing a baby precisely 5 weeks ago, the girls and I have been hitting the pavement daily. Weather permitting of course. I usually lure Abby, who would much rather be walking, in the stroller with some fruit snack and a cup of chocolate milk. Lily strapped snugly into the front pack (the extra 9+ lbs, must be good weight training), and occasionally if I am feeling extra confident I will bring the dog. Pause for a moment of visual reflection..... Stephanie walking briskly with children and dog it tow, when all of the sudden the dog begins to sniff.... he drops his back end, and you guessed it.... Now comes the challenge of trying to pick it up... remember I have Lily in the front pack. Kinda hard to bend over... then I have Abby in the stroller gagging. Most days I leave the dog home.

So on our walk yesterday we had to make some stops along the way... pharmacy, a friends to drop some jewelry off, and then to the church to vote. While casting my all important vote for school board members and airport improvement projects the strangest thing happened. I had someone ask me if that was a doll in my front pack or "a real life baby". I told her the babe in tow was in fact a real life baby. She still seemed skeptical even after Abby shouted from the front of the stroller (mouth chuck full of fruit snacks), "that's my baby sister, Willy!" To ease her fears, and to eleviate Pine Rest coming to my door to put me in a straight jacket and a padded room, I jostled Lily so she would at least make some movement or noise. The woman replied, "what a nice family" and moved on. I thought hey, that lady has one thing right we do have a nice family!

PS. I realized that my attempts to lose this extra weight by the 31st of May, might just be too much for me to handle. I actually called yesterday and was able to get another size. With that stress off my mind. I ate an elephant ear last night! :) Now that is livin'

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cyber Crack

Thanks to my addict friend Becky, (who is also additcted to Cyber Crack). I have now become a "blogger". I love to brag about my family and what a better way than through the internet! I will try to come up with something way more fun and creative as the day unfolds, but for now, just save this into your favorites and stop back often!

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