Thursday, January 29, 2009


The following outlines a conversation between Abby and myself at lunch yesterday.

Abby: Mommy, Eliyanna is not my friend anymore!
Me: Oh, how come?
Abby: She is friends with Jaylyn.
Me: Well, that is ok... she can be friends with both of you!
Abby: No she can't.
Me: How come?
Abby: Jaylyn says that Eliyanna can only have one friend.... and that is her.
Me: Hmmm, you tell Jaylyn that God says that we need to be friends with EVERYBODY!
Abby: Mom? Can you call Jaylyn's mommy and tell HER that? I will get you the phone.

If this is the conversation that I am having with my THREE year old. Lord help me in the teenage years!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

It has been over 1 month since I have posted anything on my blog. There are several reasons for that.... first and foremost, Abby is DONE WITH NAPS! (sob, sob, snot, snort). And for those of you that know Abby, you are well aware that there is never down time unless she is sleeping. Right now I have her upstairs in her room for some quite time, but we will see how long that lasts... But to prevent any further hate mail....

There have been several "blog worthy" stories that have transpired in the last 4 weeks, but one in particular I will share happened on Monday evening. Abby woke up about 11:30pm screaming and crying that her belly hurt. I tried everything, rubbing it, having her curl up with a pillow, try to go "poops" but nothing was working. She was doubling up in pain and screaming and crying. The pain was so intense she was shaking. I am usually not one to get charged up about pains and such... but I was feeling very uneasy about this and the more time that went on the more concerned I became. About 12:30am I made the decision to bring her to the ER. After about an hour there in the same agonizing pain, she decided that she had to go to the bathroom.... she was able to pee in a cup so we could check for an infection... that was fine. Then about 20 minutes later, still in pain, and waiting for a tummy X-ray, she decided she had to go potty again. So off we go again. Please try to visualize this for a moment. Abby in a hospital gown, hair a curly snarly mess, hoisted onto a large hospital toilet, in a large hospital bathroom, with a large hospital echo..... and she lets out a LARGE MAN SIZE FART. Seriously, like nothing I have ever heard. I laughed out loud when I heard it because I could not believe that had just come out of my child! At this point I am wondering if I can use a bed pan to dig my way out of the hospital so I do not need to tell anyone that I brought my child to the ER for gas! The doctor wanted to just double check with an XRAy, and sure enough she was full of air. After the initial blowout in the bathroom, Abby was free to release her gas at will and was doing it with no fear of onlookers or listeners. When we arrived home at 3:30am, Ryan asked her how she was feeling, and she responded. "I am so much better daddy, I just had really BAD GAS!"

ER visit- $50
GasEx drops- $4
Learning the pain in your child's belly is ONLY gas!- PRICELESS!

Lily is growing up so fast! She is 9 months old and just a constant joy! She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up, and even standing without any help! She is a ham bone, and loves to laugh! She thinks Abby is hilarious and is always happy to see her. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) for the past 6 weeks to get her to take a bottle so I can go to Iowa with Premier in a few weeks. But she is very stubborn about that! I have made the decision to stay home this year! Knowing my girls, she will probably take a bottle no problem the day I was suppose to leave! ;) There is always next year!

Lily loves to bite on the spoon when I feed her!

So tired from opening all my Christmas presents!

All smiles!

Abby has the camera again... Lily knows the flash is coming... AGAIN!

What can this be?

Lite Brite from Aunt Tami and Uncle Eric

Swimming at the hotel pool for Christmas with PopPop!

Chucky Cheese!

I think they are both faking to get out of Christmas clean-up!

PopPop with his girls, Abby and Ella!'

Great Grandma Coo-Coo with Abby and Lily

Abby, Lily and Kyla

Grandpa and his girls!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! And The Haber's family is wishing you a very happy New Year!