Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom Things I Suck At....

Day after day, insecurities swarm my body, as I realize the magnitude of raising 2 girls in this world. I rely on God's grace, my girls forgiveness and the patience of my husband. I strive to be the best mom and wife I can be: doing laundry, taking kids to and fro, working part time, making dinner, packing lunches, learning to french braid, paying bills, reading with the girls, helping with homework, and as every mom knows, the list is absolutely endless.

This post comes from a conversation Abby and I had on the way home from school the other day.
Abby: Mom, look what Mrs. Bekuis sent home with me today?
Me: Oh, what is that?
Abby: Well, all my papers are in a plastic bag because we forgot my folder.
Me: Oh shucks! Its on top of the microwave.
Abby: (passing a paper to the front seat)
Me: (reading said paper) "Opps, Abby forgot her library book!"
Me: Well, Abby, at least mommy remembered your shoes today, so you didn't have to wear your boots like yesterday!
Abby: It's ok mom, I told Mrs. Bekuis you are not good at remembering things.
Me: (saying to myself) I DO suck at remembering things!

I try to cut myself some slack... she is my first child in school, I have so much to learn. Lily (and any kids thereafter) will have life much easier in school. I was the first born, I know that first borns are the "trial run" kids. I am ok with that... and I think Abby will be just fine.

So in honor of Dave Letterman, (and my 10 minute reflective drive home from school) here are the:

10- Remembering shoes, folders and library books for school.
9- Preparing ahead for dinner
8- keeping a clean car (we could all survive for a week on the "things" in the van)
7- taking pictures of the kids doing everyday life
6- doing the girls hair (well, Abby's since she is the only one that has any)
5- dealing with defiance and downright disobedience. (its so much easier just to give them their 3rd fruit snack package before 9am)
4-Making the kids sit at the table to eat ANY meal to completion.
3- keeping on top of laundry so that I do not have to dig through clean clothes to find a pair of tights for church.
2- playing out in the snow with the kids! PS. I HATE being cold, and I will find any and all excuses to pawn snow time off on daddy.
1- blogging on a regular basis.

Looking at this list it is easy to add on 100 more shortcomings.... but I am going to choose to rejoice the:

10- cuddling, reading, rocking
9- nightly back scratches
8- writing "I love you! Have a great day!" on napkins in Abby lunch box.
7- playing Uno, Trouble, Candy Land, Go Fish or Hula Hooping on the wii
6-making chocolate milk
5- graciously watching Toy Story 3 for the 1.5 millionth time
4- painting tiny toe nails
3- carrying a 5 year old and a two year old (one on each hip) down the stairs each morning
2- making the bathtub the perfect temperature
1- Loving those girls with all my heart.

Suppose I can convince Abby to tell her teacher any of THOSE things??? Probably not, but I am sure when she is an adult and raising her own kids, she will lay with them each night and scratch their back and tell them, "My mommy used to give me the best back scratches!"

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Lyndsey said...

love the post. thank you for being real about motherhood and baring your shortcoming for all to see. i must say i suck at all the same things, and countless more. rejoicing with you for gods grace. also wanted to add another thing you are awesome at: demonstrating true love, friendship, and generosity to your fam. such a gift. love you