Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time to make time.

It has been several years since I made one measly post. The reason I started this was to put in writing my life so next week (yes, I will have forgotten by then) what we have accomplished, endured, forgotten, and remembered. My girls are now 8 and 5. They are amazing! I want to be able to look back on their life and remember the things they do. The funny things they say. The grey hairs they have given us. The laughter they have poured in this house. I need to make it a priority. Right now my house is a disaster. I mean like if my mother in law showed up here, she would whisk the girls away and make a call to CPS. :) Well, maybe not that bad... but borderline! Normally this would make me crazy, but I just got done playing Dance Dance Revolution with the girls, and I needed to grab a cup of coffee and let my heart rate return to a normal beat. The mess will still be there when this post is done.

Abigail Mae Habers- 8 years old
- Independent
- Smart
- Must be doing SOMETHING at all times. aka. ADHD
- Accomplishes anything she tries
- Embarrassed to show emotion
- Loves school
- Loves to read her bible and do BSF lessons
- Understands tough life lessons
- Loves to cuddle with us any chance she gets. I mean a few years from now I will be heart broken when she doesn't want me to lie in bed with her each night
- She is not fussy about what she wears. If it matches, she's on it.
- Incredibly responsible with her baby cousins. She is a good baby sitter!
- So competitive. Doesn't like to lose. Especially to her mom at dance dance revolution.
- Loves to watch shows with Ryan like North woods law, Turtle Man, Gator Boys
- Has so many friends and always has a kind word to say about each of them.
- Loves to learn and try new things.
- Sorting things makes her happy. Drawers, clothes, rubber bands from her loom kit.
- Loves PBJ one day and hates it the next.
- Wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
- Very good at card tricks. Really. she is.
- Loves animals especially her dogs.
- Takes the big sister role very seriously. She watches over Lily at school, but Lily better not try to hug her.... that would be embarrassing.
- Loves making lists.
- Doesn't like circus peanuts or candy hearts. WHAT?!?
- Wants to grow her hair longer, but doesn't want to brush it.
- Strongly prefers not be told no.

Lily Grace Habers- 5 Years Old
- Sweet
- Cares about everyone
- Especially cares for the unlovable. There is a boy at school that is always in trouble. Each day she celebrates when he is on "green" or when he makes good decisions.
- She loves to make cards, pictures, stuff envelopes, cut paper, plaster things with stickers
- Loves to be home, putzing with dress up clothes, babies, playing on her tablet.
- extremely imaginative.
- Has a great singing voice and often turns everything into song.
- Very opinionated on her clothing choices. This will make me too hot, the sleeves are too wide, the neck is too wide, the jeans are too skinny.
- Burps like a teenage boy.
- Sentimental about family trips.
- Not a morning person. At. All!
- Doesn't appreciate healthy food.
- School is for social time. Not necessarily learning.
- Wants to be a mommy of 4 girls when she grows up. Boys "toot" too much.
- Not a risk taker. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
- Her cousin Kyla is her best friend
- She is a hoarer and saves everything. Everything has meaning and reminds her of something. :)
- She is very messy and she's ok with that.
- Witty and funny. One day while the girls were doing their nails, Lily bent over in front of Abby and asked her to pull out her wedgie. HA!
- She cannot sit at the table while eating dinner. She would rather stand, sit, walk around, stand, twirl, sing, burp, sing, twirl, burp.
- Her dad is the man. Nobody else compares.
- She loves planning surprises for others, but gets so excited she cannot keep them a secret.
- Doesn't like winter and cannot wait to ditch her "puffy" coat and slip on her flip flops.
- Digs her heals in when trying new things but once she tries them she is so happy she did.

Love you girls more than I can explain. You are such a blessing to our family. I thank God for your individuality. I am so blessed God chose me to be your mom. Love you to the moon and back.

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Lyndsey said...

Love those girls! Thanks for the post, they r so precious and so blessed to have u for their mama!