Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dutch Village and other summer escapades!

Since Abby has been out of school our lives seem to be crazier than ever... we are running here, running there, spending $12 ADMISSION at Dutch Village! (Don't even get me started, I am still salty I let Abby talk me into that one). We have been to the beach, to Outdoor Discover Center, Timbertown, picnics, camping trips, parks, walks, swims in the pool, back yard escapades, the list is certainly endless and not until this VERY moment have I had both kids sleeping for a little nap! I know, I should be sneaking some quite time myself, or perhaps fold the laundry that has been on my bed and on my floor 2 times over the past 2 days.... (which by the way is now dirty again, because it has intertwined with Ryan's dirty clothes that are also on the floor.)

I can sum up the past month in a few short sentences. Abby vs. bottle of powder vs. Lily's dresser (and everything in it). Second time reading Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson since Abby has been born.

PS. I would have posted a picture but there was nothing to see but a white cloud of powder. And I am so NOT kidding!


The Louzons said...

Did you see the pictures on my blog? They are so related! Gotta love baby powder!

Beck said...

Oh my GOODness, woman! You've got your hands full! Way to go keeping your girls so busy, though... I'm sure I'd have avoided many a boredom-induced tantrum if I'd been a bit better about keeping the small ones occupied. :)